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Sharp Corporation (シャープ株式会社, Shāpu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a major Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products, headquartered in Sakai-ku, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Since 2016 it has been majority owned by the Taiwan-based Foxconn Group. Sharp employs more than 50,000 people worldwide. The company was founded in September 1912 in Tokyo.

A former employee mentioned, "Every week someone from Sharp would get fired from the top down. The company is unorganized and did not know how to communicate with employees. The moral of the company needs improvement. Employees received a memo stating that firings with continue until moral improves! My approach would be don't fire them, fire them up and to make employees feel valued. The only positive thing was the health and benefits department. HR was very helpful and catering."


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ninguno (Former Employee) says

"Deben de mejorar todo, iniciando desde su administrador, todo esta muy mal, no tiene una verdadera cabeza y solo citan a la gente a entrevistas a lo tonto, no saben ni lo que quieren.todo"

Executive Documentation (Current Employee) says

"Though I managed to learn alot about the international trade here, but nothing through my seniors, for each and every minute queries I had to contact the bankers to help me with, as none of my senior would help me in. All that I have managed to learn here is only through the staff in the bank. Very poor management, but few of the co-workers are very luncheslong hours, you have to be fixed in coming to the office and flexible while leaving in the evening"

Jefe de Mantenimiento (Former Employee) says

"Mala Paga, un pocas palabras es una mala empresa es una empresa que no recomendaría para trabajar no tienen un orden su administración esta mal trabajan muy mal por no decir pésimo"

Builder (Current Employee) says

"The pay was poor and the job was horrible. I was expecting to be paid more because of the various jobs I was required to do, however that was not the case at all.No ProsHours, Pay, Manangement"

I was put where they needed me...... (Former Employee) says

"I thought when I had my interview this place was a big deal...….what a front. Most days stand around and do nothing, management has no clue what is going on. HR helps with NOTHING, if you miss benefit sign up it is on you. Tools needed to do the job are not supplied and no lockers for employees. Every piece of paperwork, test, SOP, etc. you have to sign off on twice because the people in charge are working from home and everything is getting LOST. Employees are mostly Spanish speaking and very hostile, do not like new employees and make you feel very unwelcomed!!! When you go to HR or a supervisor about a person they will purposely have you working with them the very next day. This place could be great but their training strategy is just horrible! Too many different things all at once, way too overwhelming and good people are just gonna walk away. didn't find any in my short time thereplease see above"

Chauffeur livreur (Former Employee) says

"Gros soucis de communication, aucun suivi client ."

pracownik produkcji-montaż (Former Employee) says

"-składanie paneli Tv-brak-Liderzy(chamstwo i jeszcze raz chamstwo)-brak koleżeństwa-zmiana panelu-nie było przyjemnych części pracysystematyczność wynagrodzeniastosunek do pracowników"

Packaging Operator (Current Employee) says

"n/a no communication between management and employees supervisors often not trained properly poor adherence to gmp rules and fda regulations never the same work environment from day to day"

Technicien (Current Employee) says

"-forfait horaire pas d'heure sup -aucune perspective de carrière -pas d’augmentation de salaire -travail sans materiel"

Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Les salariés sont peu écoutés, peu considérés, motivation du management absent, process en retard, méthode de vente non adaptée. Survie pour l'avenir du groupe est inquiétante vu la complication du marché."

Solar panels - Sharp Welder (Former Employee) says

"Production very fast Standard factory management Due to many workers changes the production had no quality for the market competition Nice time work (short time)availability for overtimeinstability"

operario (Former Employee) says

"buen ambiente y los compañeros muy amables las instalaciones buenas se trabaja muy agustocogian gente para la empresalos contratos eran cortos"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"They expect more than what they're willing to give back to their employees. As well as treated the employees poorly. We work with some very dangerous medication and if we seemed to have a problem with something the managers would in a way shrug it off."

Fiel Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Al momento della mia assunzione in azienda ho cominciato ad occuparmi delle problematiche della linea di produzione che riguardavano l'automazione in genere: Robot, conveyors, attuatori, telecamere, sensori, reti informatiche e logiche PLC, questo perche il commissioning era stato affrettato dal fornitore che ha lasciato lo stabilimento improvvisamente. Una volta che ho cominciato a conseguire i primi risultati sono stato spostato dai miei supervisori ad attività a minore valore aggiunto, e così come i mie colleghi più capaci, mi sono ritrovato a eseguire disposizioni senza possibilità di crescita nè di affermazione professionale. Motivazione questa che mi ha portato alla ricerca di una nuova occupazione.Luogo del sito.nessuna flessibilità del datore di lavoro nei confronti dei dipendenti."

Volunteer Office Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Nice people to work with. Good for getting back into a work environment. Able to work independently but help and advice is always available. I only volunteer 2-4 hours a week"

Packer (Former Employee) says

"I did not work here long. The Place would have been fun but i was let go."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job out of college and definitely one of the worst managers I have ever had, and that's saying a lot. Decided to quiet and go back to grad school."

HR Admin (Current Employee) says

"Can manage job but not too proper. Senior not too related helpful the junior staff. The company environment too busy . The staff always respect each parkingshort break"

operator produkcji (Current Employee) says

"Firma z zasadami, które są do zaakceptowania. Słabe możliwości rozwoju i awansu .Pakiet socjalny w porządku ale zarobki na bardzo niskim poziomie.wyjazdy integracyjne, talony świąteczneniskie zarobki"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"This job was rather relaxing and there wasn't any customers to deal with. The job was great and it was all fast paced which made the day go by quicker. I very much disliked entering and exiting the building becasue there was a security who loved to argue and no matter how much you avoided argument with the security it very difficult."

Customer says

"Absolutely socking customer service Absolutely socking customer service. Will never buy a Sharp appliance again. Our new dishwasher has developed an electrical fault after two uses, and Sharp have refused to replace it. Even the engineer you sent out agreed that the fault should not have happened in a dishwasher this new, and it should be replaced. You have sold us a faulty product and won't replace it for us. You've offered a laughable compensation amount that I can't even claim because your phone lines are impossible to get through on. If you're reading this please think twice before buying a Sharp appliance."

Bastie says

"Dishwasher faulty, outside 12 months so i cant go back to store, but still under 2yr manufacturer warranty. Have been trying to call them for days and like other reviews going back several months, i am unable to actually contact them. After a frustrating message confirming i am indeed calling the correct department, whichever menu option is chosen, it says the call cannot be connected. For a large multinational this is completely unacceptable."

Qais Shaya says

"If there is a zero star or a star in minus , I would give. Bought Sharp washer dryer, expensive one. Broke down twice in 22 months. Although, I bought a 5 year extended warranty from Currys, Currys evades doing anything about it, as it has 24 month manufacturer warranty, and sharp customer services are unreachable. First time took me 2 weeks to get hold of Sharp white goods customer services. It took a total 6 weeks to get it fixed. 2and time, I am still trying to get hold of Sharp customer services over last 2 weeks, their numbers do not even go through. Bottom line, I will never buy Sharp products eben if it is on 95 % sale."

Cornish Carrot Cruncher says

"Absolute cheap Chinese made garbage, bought a microwave from this bunch of shysters and a year later the inside is peeling off, absolute garbage, they were cheap garbage in the 80s and still garbage now"

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